Track A from my next project

by Kartmaze



***Uploaded to Bandcamp due to Soundcloud's poor sound quality for long tracks.***

The last two years since the release of The Lighthouse haven't been very productive for me. However, I've managed to grind out this 18 minutes long epic instrumental progressive rock track as a first step towards my next album.

- A lot of the GUITAR and BASS are a bit sloppy at the moment. Most of these are merely sketches and will be RE-RECORDED before release!
- The track is NOT MIXED or MASTERED yet! This will have a big impact on the sound (especially guitars and drums) and will not be done until all of the material for the album is ready.
- This is all still WORK IN PROGRESS, i.e. not finished! Anything about the track might be altered before the album is ready.
- The title and picture are just placeholders.

The reasons that I've chosen to published the track despite all this is to show you that things are actually happening. There will still be a long time until the album is finished (this is at the moment the only material for the album) and I want to keep you a bit updated on what I'm working on. Hopefully you'll like it!


released September 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Kartmaze Trondheim, Norway

Kartmaze is a Norwegian synthprog and progressive chiptune composer.

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